The Cedarvale & Upper Village Community Group sees the potential of our neighbourhood as so much more than a commuter thoroughfare. By focusing our advocacy efforts on these four crucial pillars:

we can affect positive change and make our neighbourhood safe, accessible and vibrant!

we can affect positive change and make our neighbourhood safe, accessible and vibrant!

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Pillars of Focus

Traffic and Safety

We will observe traffic and safety conditions in our neighbourhood and work with local enforcement and city staff to proactively address community issues and concerns.

The cancellation of the Spadina Expressway in the 1970s terminated the Allen Road Expressway at Eglinton Avenue West.  This created an access point to major highway systems at the very centre of our robust residential community and business district. This means that our area will always attract extraordinary traffic volumes and therefore, merits careful analysis and consideration.

In order to protect the liveability of our area, all public and private construction projects, such as eglintonTOday, must be designed and implemented in a manner that respects the unique qualities of our area, as well as the needs of the community. 

The role of the Cedarvale & Upper Village Community Group is to keep governmental agencies and private developers accountable and to advocate for the collective interests of our members. 

Stay atop our correspondence with Councillors’ Offices, City Staff and other agencies here. If you would like to help us with our efforts, please visit the Take Action section of the site (below) and/or email us at We are in this together.

Construction and Development

We will monitor both private and public development/construction projects in our neighbourhood.  

By establishing open communication between local developers, city staff and councillors, our group will be able to inform the community about public capital projects, municipal improvement work and residential or commercial development proposals affecting the area.

Police and Security

Our group will lobby and advocate on behalf of our community for a safe and secure neighbourhood.  

In conjunction with local enforcement and city staff, we will work towards:

·     developing and sustaining strong partnerships between the Toronto Police and the community;

·     collaborating with the Police on initiatives that enhance public safety in our neighbourhood;

·     advocating with the Police for effective enforcement.

Parks & Public Spaces

While working to maintain existing parks, we strive for the greening and revitalization of our neighbourhood’s public spaces. 

To the south, our neighbourhood is home to beautiful and biodiverse Cedarvale park and ravine.  To the north, The Beltline trail connects us to the City’s network of nature trails, ravines, and parks. The Cedarvale and Upper Village Community Group seeks to preserve our parks and to enhance the greening of all public spaces, making them a focal point of community life, education, and play. 

We seek to work with the community, developers, the BIA, and the City of Toronto and other agencies to direct funds and grant benefits to improve the aesthetic feel and vibrancy of our neighbourhood.   

Take Action

The Cedarvale and Upper Village Community Group (CUVCG) requests that the city conduct a comprehensive, coordinated traffic study of the Allen and Eglinton area before any further work is done on the design and implementation of eglintonTOday. Failure to do so now risks jeopardizing an important economic driver for the city and causing irreparable long-term harm to residents and businesses in the area.

eglintonTOday proposes major transformative changes for our neighbourhood, including the reprogramming of Eglinton and the introduction of permanent cycling infrastructure. While the project is well meaning, the city is relying on static 2012 traffic volume data to model its designs, without accounting for population growth, residential intensification, and the pressure that major regional redevelopment will put on the Allen – and, by extension, on our neighbourhood.

Councillors Matlow and Colle, and the Upper Village BIA, have all expressed support for a comprehensive study of Allen and Eglinton to inform eglintonTOday and a variety of other critical city initiatives. We believe that, if the community rallies behind our call for responsible urban planning, the city will listen.

How You Can Help

‍1. Read Our Report
The CUVCG has written a well-researched report in defense of a holistic, area-focused study of Allen and Eglinton. The document cites multiple municipal reports and planning documents that have asked for the same thing. We will be sharing this report with relevant city staff, our councillors and the mayor’s office, asking that they consider our reasonable request. 

Scroll down and click on the report icon to read it.

2. Sign Our Petition
We have created a petition that we hope you will sign and forward to friends and neighbours. The more people endorse our request for a neighbourhood-wide study, the stronger our case will be. Click here to sign or cut and paste this link into your browser:

3. Stay Informed. Attend round 2 of consultations. In person events will be held on February 21st and 25th; an online survey will be open until March 7th.  You can find more details on their website at

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