Beltline Gap Connections/York Beltline Trail Extension

April 8, 2024
Traffic & Safety

·     The City is soliciting community feedback on its Beltline Gap Connections project.  The project proposes a safe and connected route for people cycling and pedestrians over the Allen Road Expressway closing the gap between the York Beltline Trail and Kay Gardner Beltline Trail.

·      The deadline to submit comments about this project by email, mail or phone is April 19th. Click HERE to learn more and submit feedback to the City.  

·       The Beltline Gap Connections project includes:

-      Converting the west-side sidewalk on Marlee Avenue into a raised bi-directional cycle track and a widened sidewalk (between Eglinton Avenue West and Roselawn Avenue)

-      Upgrading the bike lanes on Marlee Avenue to cycle tracks (between Roselawn Avenue and Castlefield Avenue)

-      Converting the south-side sidewalk on Roselawn Avenue and Elm Ridge Drive into a multi-use trail (between Marlee Avenue and the western limit of the bridge)

-      Converting the south side of the roadway into a bi-directional on-road cycle track on Elm Ridge Drive (between the western limit of the bridge to Newgate Road)

-      Converting the Allen Greenway sidewalk into a multi-use trail (between Elm Ridge Drive and Wembley Road)

-      Adding bike signals, protected intersection corner islands and curb extensions to improve safety by giving priority and reducing crossing distances for pedestrians and people cycling

-       Removing the westbound left turn lane on Roselawn Avenue approaching the Marlee Avenue intersection

·     The CUVCG has requested a more fulsome presentation and explanation of the proposed work and has asked for an in-person or zoom open-house public meeting so that the community can learn more and share feedback.

·     Please click the links below to learn more:

CyclingNetwork Plan Near-Term Implementation Program

Beltline Gap Connections

York Beltline Trail Extension

eglintonTOday CompleteStreet Project  

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