September 2023 Update

September 5, 2023
Traffic & Safety

Hi everyone,

It’s September, which means the return of normal, untenable traffic. The Cedarvale Upper Village Community Group (CUVCG) has worked through the spring and summer to impress upon the City of Toronto, Metrolinx and Crosslinx that a return to “normal” is unacceptable. Read below for an update. 

eglintonTOday Stakeholder Advisory Group – August 9, 2023

For over a year we have advocated for a neighbourhood-wide, comprehensive study to assess the viability of the reinstated Allen & Eglinton intersection and to inform the design of the eglintonTOday Complete Street Project. As a result, the City assembled a small working group of resident advocates and BIAs to dissect concerns, develop a detailed data collection plan and create a fulsome framework for such a study. 

The Stakeholder Advisory Group had its first meeting on August 9th, and included representation from the Cedarvale & Upper Village Community Group, eglintonTOday staff, and two senior directors in the city’s Transportation Services Department. Roger Browne (Director, Traffic Operations) and Jacqueline Hayward (Director, Transportation Planning Design) both acknowledged the issues facing our community and committed to delivering an intersection and street corridor that works based on data and modelling adjusted for growth and development.  

While the details are still to be determined, the City will gather data on traffic volumes, trip destinations and residential infiltration patterns in order to establish a traffic mitigation strategy. The information will help inform the eglintonTOday Complete Street Project, cycling infrastructure, as well as required adjustments to the Allen & Eglinton intersection. 

See detailed meeting minutes of SAG #1 here.

Metrolinx/Crosslinx/City Meeting – August 14, 2023

In response to an outpouring of resident unrest and a serious traffic-related incident, we met with Metrolinx, Crosslinx and the City at MPP Robin Martin’s office. 

CUVCG demanded that Metrolinx, Crosslinx and the City expedite the completion of any outstanding construction deficiencies, adjust signal timing and implement other required changes to improve traffic flow. 

Metrolinx & Crosslinx committed to minimizing road closures and adding overnight shifts to reduce both the duration of the remaining work and the extent of disruption. 

The City committed to deploying traffic wardens more consistently and working with Crosslinx to implement important signal changes, such as installing a push call button at the northbound Allen crossing for cyclists and pedestrians. This will add more time for vehicular movements and should be in effect within the next couple of weeks.

Toronto Police Service (TPS) Meeting – August 29, 2023

CUVCG met with the Toronto Police Services (TPS) community liaison, Srgt. Robataille last week to discuss public safety and police enforcement. We identified several hot-spots, both north and south of Eglinton where drivers blatantly flaunt traffic bylaws and create bottlenecks/unsafe conditions for residents and commuters. He committed to organizing enforcement blitzes and to leverage the reinstated dedicated traffic unit in the division. There will be a Community Police Liaison Committee meeting later in the fall where TPS will report on this work. 

All of us live, work and play here. Stay informed, get involved and demand improvements we want and deserve.  

If you have any ideas, questions, or are interested in volunteering with the CUVCG, you can email us at

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