Lora Sloan and Sophie Milman of the Cedarvale & Upper Village Community Group sat down with Joanna Lavoie of CP24 Online

October 2, 2022
Development & Construction

Lora Sloan and Sophie Milman of the Cedarvale & Uppaer Village Community Group sat down with Joanna Lavoie of CP24 Online to discuss the calls for a public inquiry into Meteolinx/Crosslinx delays.

While we expressed support for the inquiry, we made it clear that this cannot come at the expense of mitigation, support and compensation NOW. An inquiry will benefit impending Meteolinx contracts, ie the future Ontario Line etc, but what residents and businesses in our neighbourhood need now is immediate relief. We have asked for:

- we have asked for traffic controllers and/or off duty (Meteolinx compensated) police officers to help move traffic along Eglinton between Bathurst and Marlee.

- we have asked for clean streets and the removal of the dust and debris that litter the entire stretch of Eglinton.

- we want Metrolinx to compensate businesses for a ruinous several years and help them survive through to completion of the project.

All of these measures must be taken along side an inquiry.

City management and Council should also be more involved in ensuring that residents and businesses are supported through yet another delay. We are tired of being caught in the crossfire of fingerpointing.

We have also brought up our concerns over city planned street scape upgrades of Eglinton Avenue, which include reallocating traffic lanes to bike lanes (eglintonTOday). Before the city can consider any further infrastructure changes to our dynamic area, the LRT needs to be fully operational, and post construction traffic patterns must to experienced and studied for a sufficient amount of time.

Read all about it here.


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